Sigma Industry

Sigma har fått förtroendet att leverera konsult- och mäklartjänster till Scania. Ramavtalen, som sträcker sig över flera år, avser konsult- och mäklartjänster inom R&D och IS/IT med Sigma som preferred supplier. – Efter en omfattande upphandlingsprocess har vi valt att förnya ramavtalen med Sigma. Denna gång för leverans av både konsulter och… read more

Sigma Industry

Sigma expanderar och fortsätter satsa långsiktigt i norra Sverige. I Luleå, Piteå och Umeå finns redan lokala kontor som växer. Kundens behov och utvecklingen i regionen styr etableringen och utvecklingen av framtida kontor i Norrland. Sigma består av ett flertal bolag med olika tekniska kompetensområden som tillsammans bildar Sigma. I Norrlan… read more

Sigma Industry

Umeå Energi satsar på kvalitet, Sigma hjälper till. Umeå Energi Elnät arbetar aktivt med kvalitet och effektiva arbetsprocesser. Genom detta säkerställer man att slutkunderna får det de betalar för. Digpros dpPower är det centrala informationssystemet för Umeå Energi Elnät. I systemet lagras bland annat all teknisk data kopplat till nätbolagets… read more

Sigma Technology

Robert Spertina, Robert Åberg and Stefan Lindgren. Photo: Sigma Technology TalkPool AB and Sigma Technology Solutions AB have signed a framework agreement for the supply of competence resources to ensure the development of future Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The agreement involves a long-term partnership where Sigma Technology delivers… read more

Sigma Technology

A new international IoT research project “From empowering to viable living” (FRONT-VL) will help older population to handle and prevent diseases remotely and help them stay longer in the own home. The total budget is estimated to EUR 7.2 M. Sigma Technology Solutions is proud to be among the partners of FRONT-VL and will work…

Sigma wins a software development procurement contract within the telecom industry in Blekinge. The business deal means a growth up to 36 people. The business is worth around 35 million SEK a year. With this business, Sigma Technology and Sigma IT Consulting stands as the sharpest consultant group in Blekinge with the focus on product information,…

Sigma Technology

Risto Kesti has been Regional Manager at Sigma Technology MID AB since the company was started in December last year. After just eight months the company has grown up to 19 employees. Now Risto takes over two new roles: Deputy CEO at Sigma Technology MID AB and Key Account Manager for Saab AB from Sigma…

Sigma Industry

Jan Svensson är sedan augusti nyanställd konsultchef på Sigma Industry East North. Jan kommer ansvara för kontoren i Östergötland.   Jan Svensson är sedan augusti nyanställd konsultchef på Sigma Industry East North. Jan kommer ansvara för kontoren i Östergötland. Jan kommer senast från Rejlers där han haft flertalet tjänster, bland annat mark… read more

Sigma Connectivity

Through the creation of Connectivity Engineering, Sigma Connectivity will be able to better meet market demand and provide customers with competent engineers on site strengthening their organisation. In order to continue the expansion of our business operations while continuing the mission to build Sigma connectivity as an design house, a separate… read more

Sigma Technology

Johan Edlund, CEO at Sigma Technology Information AB. Photo: Sigma Technology. Sigma Technology Information AB has acquired Green Light AB. Green Light has thorough experience with technical information, and with Green Light’s about 15 employees in Lund, Sigma strengthens its market position in South Sweden. Through the acquisition, Sigma T… read more

Sigma Technology

One year ago Sigma Technology, Star for Life, and Mmemezi High School celebrated the launch of a long-term partnership in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The company’s ambition was to help Mmemezi students follow their dreams and get access to a better future. This spring we have given five scholarships to school graduates to…


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