The Business Areas that make you more competitive

Sigma is a leading consulting group with the objective to make our customers more competitive. Our means is technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. We are 3,100 employees in eleven countries. Sigma is owned by Danir, a private investment company held by the Dan Olofsson family.

Our services are provided through:

IT Consulting

We make your business smarter

Sigma IT Consulting is the leading IT service company for clients who demand a strong local presence and global delivery capacity. The result of our work is reflected in our clients’ efficiency and innovation. We make every client’s business smarter.

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Sigma Technology

Innovative solutions in technology and information

Sigma Technology is a global supplier of product information, embedded solutions, and offshore development. We are experts with a passion for technology and information, and take pride in delivering quality and constantly improving our deliveries. Our philosophy is “Local Drive – Global Strength”, therefore we have offices worldwide to be close to our customers.

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Sigma Connectivity

Realizing the Internet of Things

Sigma Connectivity offers world-class competence for designing and developing communication enabled devices. The technology can be used to transform functionality, services, and business models in anything, from traditional industry products to household electronics and communication equipment. We are a driver in Internet of Things.

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Sigma Industry

Advanced engineering service for the industry

Sigma Industry offers advanced consultancy services for the Swedish industry within product development, industrial design, process technology and production systems. Our offer focuses on classical engineering disciplines, primarily mechanics, and electricity/automation. We help our clients create long-term value.

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Sigma Civil

Technical consulting in civil and structural engineering

Sigma Civil is a fast-growing technical consulting company on the Swedish market with main focus on infrastructure and building construction. Through smarter organizational dynamics, higher flexibility and forward ideas, we help our clients realize their projects with greater efficiency.

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Sigma Software


Sigma Software provides top-quality Software Engineering services for global corporations, software product houses and IT start-ups in Europe and the US. The service model is defined by an efficient blend of offshore delivery from Ukraine, on-site presence and tight integration with customers’ organisations using proven agile software engineering practices. Our services comprise software products development and support, custom software development including mobile development, and IT consulting where we have very extensive skills. The clients are in the automotive, aviation, telecommunication and gaming industries, in advertisement and media.


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Sigma AB
Dockplatsen 1
211 19 Malmö

Phone +46 (0)771 550 500


Local offices

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