Bring your spark

As a Sigma Young Professional you’ll get invitations to career and theme days, inspirational lectures and other activities. You also have the possibility to apply for smaller assignments. Or why not apply to do your thesis at one of our many Sigma companies? We want to get to know you your passion and your youthful energy at an early stage. So bring your spark and sign upto be the new one at Sigma.

Expect a better tomorrow

We are extremely committed to everyone in our Sigma team. At Sigma we care for each other, our customers and the world around us. It is through our participation and our dedication that we can make a difference.

We are proactive and we always look for new solutions. This and our ability to deliver is what make us a reliable partner to our customers. Who in turn trusts us with more exciting assignments. And by working with interesting projects and clients, we grow, both as individuals and as a company.

Sign up and join us at Sigma and expect a better tomorrow.