Focus on quality, environment and information security

Quality, environmental and safety issues are integral parts of the business at Sigma. The majority of our operations’ management systems is therefore ceritfied according to the ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 27001.

ISO 9000 is a generic global standard for the management of quality in organizations of all sizes. The standard is fundamental for our quality management and its basis is applied to the way we run our management system.

ISO 14000 is a standard that covers environmental management. The standard helps us set and manage our environmental performance.

ISO 27000 is an information security standard. The management of our customers’ information, as well as our own, is a critical part of our business. A managed information environment provides us with the tools we need to protect information assets.

Community involvement – more than business

Sigma supports the Star for Life project, a unique program aimed at preventing the spread of HIV and aids among young people in southern Africa. The vision is to inspire schoolchildren to believe in their own futures and dreams, and to support their efforts to live a life without HIV. The project involves more than 100,000 young people and their families in South Africa and Namibia.

Sigma is a School Partner within the project. This means following, working with and supporting ”our” school, Dlilanga High School i South African Kwazulu-Natal, from the beginning to the end of the three year program. Star for Life gives us a unique opportunity to provide hope for the future for children in southern Africa and, as a company, to accept its social responsibility.

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Star for Life from Star for LIfe on Vimeo.