Job Description

Software Project Team Leader (SW PTL) Description:

A Software Project Team Leader is responsible, and has authority over, customer specific software development.

The SW PTL is responsible for contributing to the overall activities and objectives are in synch within the project.

Contribute to a "winning mindset", i.e. always give your best to contribute in problem solving, discussions etc.


    • • Ensure on-time SW delivery with right quality and within budget, of defined project objectives.

    • • Ensure project stakeholder specific functionality, from stakeholder requirement breakdown to system verification.

    • • Ensure that customer requirements are transformed into a set of system requirements that will guide the design of the system.

    • • Ensure effective collaboration with Core.

    • • Ensure effective collaboration with relevant project stakeholders, external partners and suppliers.

    • • Set supplier requirements and monitor supplier deliveries, e.g. Core.

    • • Ensure compliance of an effective process that comply with required processes (VPDS, ASPICE, ISO26262, P4, Q5) for all SW team members. Handle process compliance deviation.

    • • Define and communicate clear SW objectives to all project stakeholders.

    • • Define work scope and order of rolling out functionality.

    • • Organize SW project to meet project objectives and adapt when necessary.

    • • Monitor SW related dependencies, deliveries, progress, and quality.

    • • Create, maintain and visualize SW detailed level time plan.

    • • Contribute to effective collaboration between projects.

    • • Facilitate interaction with line managers to make sure all resources, competences and processes needed for the project are available.

    • • Ensure milestones completeness is done in time and with correct content according to Veoneer process and customer process (when applicable).

  • • Ensure maximum team efficiency and effectivity by continuously working with improvements and by sharing good and bad among the SW team members.

  • Assignment

    Software Project Teamleader
  • Competence Area

    System development, Requirement Management & Business Development, Software development embedded systems
  • Region

    Östergötlands län
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