ImagineCare and Sigma join forces and create world-class digital health care!

Sigma AB

ImagineCare and Sigma IT Consulting have developed a new partnership to create a strong Nordic initiative for tomorrow’s healthcare. Through this partnership, customers will have access to proven solutions for world-class digital healthcare.

ImagineCare’s solution is based on leading behavioral change and medical guidelines research and combines digital automation with personal contact and clinical expertise. The solution has been developed and tested for a number of years by the renowned University Hospital Dartmouth-Hitchcock in New Hampshire, USA.

The partnership will focus on e-healthcare for people with chronic diseases; a group that today lacks digital solutions and represents approximately 80 percent of the annual Swedish care costs.

“The whole healthcare industry is undergoing big changes – healthcare is moving towards more digital e-health care and less physical care at a hospital or health centers. This is necessary to be able to manage tomorrow’s healthcare situation, where more people need healthcare while there is limited with resources in terms of resources and money. We are incredibly proud of our partnership with ImagineCare. With this, we significantly increase the quality of life for caretakers and we can contribute to healthcare providers with an opportunity to improve patient interaction and follow-up. This means that the pressure for physical visits to hospitals and health centers is reduced,” says David Österlindh, Business Area Manager e-Health, Sigma IT Consulting.

“Together with Sigma, we have the experience and skills required in digital healthcare to be a long-term strategic partner for the various healthcare providers in the Nordic market. We get a world-class delivery capability where we can give our customers access to innovative and open solutions that are built with regard to Nordic healthcare, national initiatives and tax-funded healthcare,” says Mikael Bäckström, Co-Founder, ImagineCare.

Together, we are working for a better tomorrow and this partnership is one-step towards meeting the Swedish government’s vision to become the world leader in e-health by 2025.

For more information contact:
Mikael Bäckström
Co-Founder ImagineCare
Tel: +46 708 18 18 77

David Österlindh
Business Area Manager e-Health Sigma IT Consulting
Tel: +46 733 51 48 24

About Sigma
Sigma is a leading consulting company that helps their clients accomplish their own goals. To achieve this, we combine our technical know-how with a passionate interest in continually developing better solutions. We are 3,300 employees in eleven countries. Sigma is owned by Danir AB, which is Dan Olofsson’s holding company.

About ImagineCare
ImagineCare offers personalized distance care for people with chronic illness, where the individual becomes less bound to physical care visits and gains more control over their own health.
The service is based on leading research on behavioral change and medical guidelines. It increases patient involvement and improves health outcomes with reduced healthcare costs and improved patient experience as a result.