Sigma Energy and Marine – exceeds 100 employees

Sigma AB

Sigma Energy and Marine has grown beyond 100+ employees in the fourth quarter, a significant increase compared to the initial number of 75 employees entering 2018. The total grow in one year of +41% has taken place across all strategic business areas and strengthened our organization and seniority.

Our core areas within subsea oil & gas, marine engineering, processing industry, renewable energy as well as local simulation teams can with this growth further expand into new customers and niche expertise areas. The growth in 2018 is beyond the high goals for which the company hoped to achieve. Although the company is in an expansive phase, focusing on building new customers with local presence, a clear majority of the company’s business is executed from our own offices.

During the coming year we expect continued growth in all our core areas as a result of increased demands of our services.

Sigma Energy & Marine delivers expert knowledge within subsea, renewable energy production, processing industry and marine applications. We are proud of the fact that we can deliver industry leading competence to global companies by being present on-site as well as having a thriving and agile in-house operation. We offer a diverse and exciting environment with the possibility to both continue develop technical skills within your main field of interest as well as broadening your experience within other areas

For more information, please contact:

Jesper Siljeäng, CEO Sigma Energy & Marine
Phone: +46 (0)70 297 8527