Sigma Industry West

Building Bridges between Man and Machine

We are back at Lindholmspiren in Gothenburg, this time visiting Sigma Industry West. It’s a shame that we only have time for a short visit because this building has been nominated for Sweden's most beautiful office. We are here to meet Stefan Pihlgren, UX designer at Sigma Industry West. Stefan welcomes us and there's time…

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Sigma IT Consulting

How to become twice the IT consultancy you are today

It is a constant struggle to transform and bring equality to unbalanced industries. At the same time, it is a rewarding one; one which, when it is overcome, has a multitude of positive effects. Sigma operates in a male-dominated field and is very aware of how hard it is to find a balance among the…

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Sigma Connectivity

The online future is much healthier

Max Kruse, head of laboratory at Sigma Connectivity, tells us about the unique labs, in which more or less secret projects are developed. One business area that is constantly growing and gaining more traction every day is medical technology. Several Sigma companies are already active in this area, and as technical and IT consultants, Sigma…

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